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Dylan on Morada
Tools of the Trade.
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Weapons you'll normally see used in the martial arts.

One-handed weapons (rt included)

Nunchukas (rt seconds) (skill Blunt)
Tachi (rt 5 seconds) (skill fencing)
Katana (rt 6 seconds) (skill fencing)
Shuriken (rt 3 seconds) (skill Knife-fighting and thrown weapon)
4 pointed star (rt seconds) (skill )
Dart (rt seconds) (skill )

two-handed weapons (rt included)

Wooden Staff (rt 6 seconds) (skills blunt and 2 handed weapon)
Naginata (rt seconds) (skills )
Dan-Dao (rt seconds) (skills )

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Notes: My apologies this page is far from being finished as i have not had all the time or resources to yet test all weapons and their possiblities,bear with me.