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Dylan on Morada
Perry's School of the Martial Arts
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Unarmed Combat.

Unarmed Move-Throws,includes Roundtimes and a few other notes.
1.Throw (4 seconds)
2.Slam (6 seconds)
3.Hip Throw (7 seconds)
4.Foot Wheel (5 seconds)
5.Scissor Throw (7 seconds) leaves you prone to attacks
6.Shoulder Throw(9 seconds)
7.Scoop Throw (6 seconds)
8.Valley Drop (6 seconds) leaves you prone to attacks
9.Side Drop (4 seconds) leaves you prone to attacks
10.Corner Drop (5 seconds)

Unarmed Move-kicking and roundtimes.
1.Kick (4 seconds)
2.Roundhouse (9 seconds)
3.Knee (4 seconds)
4.Flying Kick (8 seconds)
5.Reverse Kick (7 seconds)
6.Snap Kick (5 seconds)
7.Jump Kick (7 seconds)
8.Crescent Kick (6 seconds)
9.Sweep (5 seconds)
10.Side Kick (5 seconds)
Note:On the Flying kick it takes you into Melee at beginning of combat.

Unarmed combat-Grappling moves,notes and roundtimes
1.Bearhug (9 seconds)
2.Choke (6 seconds)
3.Headbutt (5 seconds)
4.Tackle (6 seconds) At random tackles,you kneel
5.Suplex (12 seconds) Leaves you prone to attacks
6.Reverse Slam (12 seconds)
7.Reverse Suplex (17 seconds) Leaves you prone to attacks
8.Sleeper Hold (10 seconds) perp asleep for various times
9.Piledriver (16 seconds)
10.Powerbomb (20 seconds)
Note:The Grapples as a group of moves,gives high roundtimes
but i think at the highest levels of use they might be the most powerful,this is yet to be determined though.

Unarmed moves-punches and roundtimes
1.Punch (4 seconds)
2.Jab (3 seconds)
3.Uppercut (7 seconds)
4.Hook (5 seconds)
5.Elbow (4 seconds)
6.Reverse Punch (6 seconds)
7.Scissor Punch (5 seconds)
8.Hammer Strike (8 seconds)
9.Spearhand (4 seconds)
10.Lunge Punch (6 seconds)

One final note--roundtimes and moves can both be added and taken away at a moment's notice with Trevor's vision of combat nothing will probably stand still and get stale.

I've done the testing myself against Brawlers and Thugs.
The results were always the same with Roundtimes and being prone.The tests were done by Dylan Perry 10th level.